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Your dog's safety and health is our top priority which is why:

  • We only allow dogs and puppies who are friendly with other dogs, puppies, and people

  • We do not allow any dogs who resource guard toys, water, humans, treats, etc

  • Every owner is required to fill out our daycare intake form

  • Every dog is required to complete an evaluation day

  • Every dog is required to come at least one day a week

  • Based on the amount of days you want your dog to come, we will hand select a group that we believe your dog's personality is the best fit for

  • Each daycare attendant is trained in dog behavior and certified in PackPro

  • Daycare attendants are Pet CPR & First Aid certified

  • Each dog must be current on vaccinations 

  • If we suspect any health issues that could jeopardize the health of our other guests, that dog will be quarantined and sent home immediately

Your dog is not a good fit for daycare if:

  • They are dog aggressive

  • They are resource guarders (dogs who become aggressive when other dogs or people approach them when they are playing with toys, eating, drinking, etc.)

  • They are food reactive or aggressive (cannot eat treats next to another dog or human)

  • They do not do well in a kennel/crate

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