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At Fetching Pet Company, we are proud to offer a non-traditional daycare experience including the area's only sensory based backyard. Our structured, small group, activity-based approach engages your dog's five senses, natural instincts, and physical and mental abilities while still allowing them to play and socialize with other dogs. With three different daycare options, we are confident that we are the smart choice for your dog.


Daycare 2.0 with one-on-one obedience training with a daycare coach for 20-40 minutes.  Cues can include:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place/climb

  • Stay

  • Leave it

  • Loose leash walking

  • Potty bells

  • Hand touch

We use 100% force-free methods and dog's will progress at their own pace.  

1 Day

1 Month

1 visit per week

10 Days

2+ days/week

Staff's Pick

Daycare 2.0 PLUS two one-on-one enrichment based activities with a daycare coach.  Activities can range between 10-30 minutes in length and can include.

  • Private treadmill session

  • Snuffle balls

  • Puzzles

  • IQ balls

  • Flirt pole

  • Private walk

  • Tricks

  • Snuffle mats

  • Body awareness exercises

1 Day

1 Month

1 visit per week

10 Days

2+ days/week

Daycare 2.0

Dog's participate in the area's only small group play daycare with a maximum human to dog ratio of 1:12.  

  • 3-6 40-60 minute small group play rotations where they will get to participate in group monthly enrichment activity rotations such as time in our sensory backyard, bubbles, pools, group obedience training, obstacle courses, fetch, tug, scent blankets, sand boxes, treadmill, mulch boxes, and more! *amount of groups that your dog participates in is at the staff's discretion and depends solely the individual dog's needs

  • 30-60 minutes of frozen kong

  • Kenneled rest periods

1 Day

1 Month
1 visit per week

10 Days
2+ days/week

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Certified PackPro Attendant, Certified PetTech

LeAnn is certified in PackPro which means she is well versed in proper body blocking techniques, basic daycare obedience cues, marker & release words, common fight causes and prevention, advanced group management, advanced group activities, and more. She is also certified in PetTech which includes Canine and feline CPR (3 different techniques), rescue breathing, choking management, knowing and assessing your pet's vitals, bleeding protocols, insect bites/stings, snake bites, seizure management, poison protocols, heat and cold injuries, shock management, muzzling and restraining techniques, snout to tail assessments, dental health and hygiene and caring for your senior pet-izens. She also studied defensive dog handling, body language, and communication. When LeAnn isn't at Fetching she loves hanging out with her own dog, Tyson, and her pet reptiles. She loves all animals and would someday love to get into rescue.

Your dog's safety and health is our top priority which is why:

  • We only allow dogs and puppies who are friendly with other dogs, puppies, and people

  • We do not allow any dogs who resource guard toys, water, humans, treats, etc

  • Every owner is required to fill out our daycare intake form

  • Every dog is required to complete an evaluation day

  • Every dog is required to come at least one day a week

  • Based on the amount of days you want your dog to come, we will hand select a group that we believe your dog's personality is the best fit for

  • Each daycare attendant is trained in dog behavior and certified in PackPro

  • Daycare attendants are Pet CPR & First Aid certified

  • Each dog must be current on vaccinations 

  • If we suspect any health issues that could jeopardize the health of our other guests, that dog will be quarantined and sent home immediately

Your dog is not a good fit for daycare if:

  • They are dog aggressive

  • They are resource guarders (dogs who become aggressive when other dogs or people approach them when they are playing with toys, eating, drinking, etc.)

  • They are food reactive or aggressive (cannot eat treats next to another dog or human)

  • They do not do well in a kennel/crate

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