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Millions of pets eat kibble and millions fill waiting rooms of veterinarians, bad breath and all. These pets suffer from various illnesses, diseases, and allergies ranging far and wide...poor coat condition, tooth/gum disease, yeast infections, digestive complications, liver disease, cancer, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. In a world where commercial food is commonly used and is backed as “high quality” even after our pets suffer countless illnesses and diseases, in an ever increasing rate, responsible pet parents need to consider alternative routes to optimize companion pet’s health to provide them with the tools to sustain a longer, vibrant, and thriving life.


Through a species appropriate raw diet your pet can get countless health benefits such as white teeth/fresh breath, ideal weight maintenance, improved coat condition, stronger immune system, stabilized energy levels, and smaller/less odorous stools!


Modern raw feeders are not crazy, back-to-nature, “hippies”. Nor are we over indulgent pet parents trying to spoil our fur babies with organic, non GMO, grass fed beef tartar. Today’s modern raw feeders are not average pet parents, we are apart of a much larger movement with a clear vision for our pet’s and community’s future.


We take interest in the education and benefits of high quality raw food created from the proactive use of slaughtered animals. We dedicate ourselves to the process of humanly butchered animals in efforts to do right by livestock and wild game. We strive to create and sustain reliable relationships with farmers, butchers, and hunters to meet our goal of supporting our local economy and maintaining a healthy pet.


We are Perfectly Rawsome!

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