Frequently asked questions

Training Questions

Do you work with older dogs?

Absolutely! We will work with your dog's specific needs to design a program course outline and program length to meet your goals!

What age can a puppy begin training?

Puppies can begin training as early as 12 weeks old provided they have had their first round of vaccines.

Will I get my deposit back if I do not show up to Day Training?

No, the deposits are nonrefundable.

Do I need anything for the training classes?

It depends on what program you are in! Our most popular is the Day Training Program - most clients in this program are instructed to buy a clicker, potty bells, a pet bed, a good collar or harness, and a 6ft flat leash if you do not already own those things. Once you sign up to participate in any program, you will be instructed on what to buy.

Can my dog be groomed without vaccinations?

No, in order to keep all dogs safe, we require every pet to be current on vaccines.

Salon & Spa Questions

How long does a pet grooming usually take?

That depends solely on the breed, the grooming package you make an appointment for, the condition of the coat, and the dog's behavior and temperament. We work efficiently to provide one on one groomings to limit the amount of time each guest spends with us; however, we also strive to create a positive emotional response to grooming for every one of our salon & spa guests so this may require additional time.

How often should I bring my pet in for a grooming?

That also depends on the breed and coat but it is often recommended to get your pet grooming once every 4-6 weeks.

Do you work with older or handicap dogs?

ABSOLUTELY! We actually provide a Senior Dog Package that includes an aches & pains shampoo and finishing gel to aid in muscle tension and soreness. Our salon & spa staff is trained to be extra sensitive to the handicap and the geriatric guests. Ontop of being licensed Professional Groomers, they are also First Aid & CPR certified so your pet's of any age and health condition are truly getting the best care.

Daycare Questions

Are group play sessions supervised?

Yes! Our social play groups are supervised at all times!

What should I bring with me to daycare?

You do not have to bring anything! We will accomodate lunch (owner provided) if your pet eats lunch! Aside from that we provide of all the comforts of home with beds, water dishes, and an abundance of toys!

Can I bring my dog with his/her favorite toy, bone, or treat?

Sure! But your dog will be separated into a private room away from the play group whenever it is time to play with the toy or to eat the bone or treat to ensure no resource guarding takes place in our social group.

Can my dog get groomed while in Daycare?

Yes! Just schedule a groom & play! If your dog gets groomed while in daycare, you actually receive a full day of daycare for a half day costs!

Are the dog's separated?

Yes, each play group is seperated by size and/or temperament depending solely on each dog! For instance, we have one small breed named Oreo who comes on Wednesdays who grew up around German Shepherds so he does fantastic with large breeds and not-so-fantastic with small breeds so we allow him to go into the large dog play group as long as all of the large dogs are also fantastic with small dogs! It really just depends on the dog!