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Day Training & Coaching

At Fetching Pet Company, we are proud to offer force, fear, and intimidation free training based on the science of dog behavior, canine empowerment, choice, and enrichment.  These methods work to overcome obstacles by building long lasting, emotional bonds between owner and dog through the most safe, effective, and humane methods out there that are backed by scientists, veterinarians, and top industry leaders.  We can't wait to give you the tools you need to empower and to feel empowered!

The Possibilities


Obedience Cues

Sit, down, place, stays, recall, loose leash walking, hand touches, name response, crate training, potty bells


Impulse Control

Leave it, focus, door manners, attention seeking behaviors, polite greetings



Two hour long one-on-one sessions with our trainer a week going over how dog's learn, marker training, the skills learned, Q&As.  Also included is informational emails and homework checklist.


Daycare Participation

Dogs in Day Training & Puppy Preschool will also get to rotate in daycare as long as they pass a temperament test.  They will receive extra play time with other dogs, puzzles & games, and rest periods.


Training All Week Long

Monday & Fridays: One hour coaching lesson with our trainer.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Dog stays with us all day being trained, exercised, socialized (if permitted), and rested.

Meet your trainer, Ellie

Ellie - Certified Specialized Trainer

Ellie is a certified specialized trainer with extensive training in basic and formal obedience, assistance dog training, and advanced scent detection training. She is also certified in PEP, Pet Empowerment Program, which includes applied animal analysis and behavior management, defensive handling, canine communication, and how to effectively reduce fear and stress in pets. Outside of her awesome education through APC she has received 9 trick titles with her personal dog Harley including Champion Trick title and she is trained in dog CPR and behavior adjustment training.  Ellie is the perfect fit for Fetching Pet Company because she also only believes in fear free, force free, and intimidation free training methods.


Packages & Prices

5 Day Program


30% deposit due at the time of booking

Includes 2 basic skills of your choice listed above

15 Day Program


30% deposit due at the time of booking

Sit, down, place, stays, hand touch, name response, loose leash walking, door manners, focus, polite greetings, leave it, attention seeking behaviors.  The amount learned depends on the dog and your consistency at home.  

20 Day Program


30% deposit due at the time of booking

Everything listed in the 15 day program plus advanced leave it, advanced stay, one trick, crate training.  The amount learned depends on the dog and your consistency at home.

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